Summary in English

My name is Mathilde Tubben, drama therapist and psychologist. 

I work at the youth department of GGZ Centraal, an ambulant psychiatric therapy center.

I have been a lecturer and supervisor for a period of 11 years at the drama therapy course at NHL Stenden.

I was a member of the centre of expertise formerly known as SW&AT (Social Work and Arts therapies) now N=1 studies.

I have performed my TESS research in connection with the University Utrecht , supervised by Herman van Boxtel and Marcel van Aken.

Since November 2022 I have my own practice, de Tafel van Tubben, and I work as a TESS expert and also as lecturer, advisor and counsellor in nonverbal techniques in a broader sense. 

If you wish, I can lecture in Dutch, English, French, German and Norwegian.



In this document the content of the TESS website is summarized in English.